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Back pain, while not uncommon amongst many of us, isn’t a terribly easy problem to deal with. In fact, the aches commonly associated with it can easily last for weeks. This not only makes for a painful experience, but one that has the potential to affect our quality of life significantly since it can hinder us from fulfilling our daily tasks and responsibilities, if not limit what we can achieve until the aching sensation is gone.

Since our backs are essentially comprised of a number of many different parts that serve equally different functions, the chances of something going wrong is quite high. Thankfully, not all is doom and gloom as there is a new program whose creator, Emily Lark, claims to help alleviate the undesirable pain called Back to Life. However, is the product worth the investment or does it exist solely as a means for a profit? Find out in this in-depth review!

The crux of the matter

While many of us are aware of the fact that there are several types of muscles which function to maintaining the health of our backs. However, very few realize that there are also certain muscles that are also responsible for the pain’s existence. And it is for this reason that Emily Lark’s Back to Life exists. It serves as a means to create the necessary awareness and impart the knowledge that will help people treat their back pains but also avoid from happening as well.

With very few references and similar products available on the market, Back to Life can be considered as a blessing that can benefit all of us with the information it gives. And as a result, help prevent us from causing potentially irreparable problems.

The woman behind the program

It’s impossible to conduct an in-depth review on any product without looking into its creator. And the woman behind the Back to Life system, Emily Lark, is not only a fitness instructor but also a highly regarded yoga and Pilates instructor as well. Through her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry as well as her work, Emily had managed to create a system that provides all of the necessary information regarding back pain and how to deal with it through safe and natural means.

But the idea behind Back to Life didn’t just come to its creator out of the blue. After surviving a car accident in her early years, Emily started to develop sever and painful aches in her back. And it was this experience and her passion to helping other people who have suffered the same kind of pain that led her to ultimately penning the system.

The expected results that the system promises to deliver

At its core, the product is a collection of both e-books and videos designed towards helping ensure that you have all the information needed to keep your back healthy. However, what truly separates the Back to Life system apart from other similar products is that it focuses primarily on the areas that very few other conventional treatments delve into and as such provides not only a means of dealing with the pain in its own unique way.

A brief but detailed description on the content of the program

  1. 10 Minutes to both a Healthier Back as well as Body – At its core, the Back to Life system exists to deliver information regarding not only which core muscles make up the back’s foundations but also how to properly stretch and massage them to alleviate the existing back pain.
  2. The 10-Minute Chair Routine – While the program imparts knowledge on performing the exercises listed wherever you are, but more importantly it teaches how to do so when seated. Since many of us spend most of our waking hours at work while sitting down, it can be a great help to finding the desired relief from back pains.
  3. The Checklist – Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the Back to Life system is that it provides a checklist to ensure that the individual following the program is doing so as efficiently and effectively as possible. Not only does this provide the intended purpose of the system, but it also help us develop a mindset and routine that will help keep our backs safe and healthy at all times.
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The system sounds good, but are there any precautions that I should be aware of?

While the Back to Life system was created to help us overcome any present back pains and problems, it is well worth noting that the results that the program aims to deliver will ultimately depend on a number of factors such as the degree and severity of the issue. As such, it’s important to seek the consultation and advice of a medical professional such as your physician before performing the exercises and stretches in the system.

Apart from this, however, the Back to Life system is one of the best examples of an effective alternative to more conventional means of treatment. It’s a program aimed at people who may be suffering from back problems but are unable to find relief due to a lack of time or the fear of potentially causing more damage.

What has the reception been towards the Back to Life System?

It’s a general rule of thumb to always check with a product’s reception before making the decision to invest on it, and Emily Lark’s Back to Life system is no different. After all, creators and manufacturers can be a little economical with the truth. Thankfully in this case, the program appears to have been well-received by the majority of people who have tried it, with many even stating that it was the most effective program that they have ever used.

With great feedback and plenty of positive reviews, the Back to Life system seems to deliver on the claims made by its creator, Emily Lark.

How can I get in touch with the creator of Back to Life?

If you have any questions, inquiries and feedback about the product, you can contact the customer support department of the Back to Life system directly through their mailing address: 5940 South Rainbow Boulevard, Suite 400 #45247, Las Vegas, Nevada. You can also get in touch with them via email at [email protected]

The product’s piqued my interest, but I’m not sure if I can afford it. How much is it?

You’ll be happy to know that despite how effective the Back to Life system is, it’s relatively affordable even for those who have no more than a modest budget to work with. The program in its entirety costs only $37, which is a great deal when considering that it normally valued at $99.95, and it can be purchased from the creator’s website at

Do I need to wait long before results start to show?

It’s easy to see why a lot of people would want to see immediate results for their back problems, since the pain commonly associated with this area can be more or less unbearable to deal with. However, the time frame for the desired outcome will ultimately depend on your commitment and dedication to the system.

By following the program completely and adopting a healthier lifestyle, the desired results can start to show in a couple of weeks. It is, however, important to be patient so as to avoid doing any more damage to your back.

The bottom line on the Back to Life System

Based on the number of positive reviews that the system has received and how cheap and inexpensive it is to purchase, it’s hard not to recommend the Back to Life program to anyone who wishes to alleviate their back pains effectively and on a reasonable budget. With its considerable resources relevant to keeping the dreaded back pain at bay, the program is undoubtedly well worth the investment.


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